Galicia, Spain: Medieval Villages and Green Rolling Hills.

Wondering what sort of sights you’re likely to encounter on the 2018 Camino challenge?


The final stretch of the Camino de Santiago winds its way through the rolling hills of Galicia. This beautiful corner of the world is home to the famous Church of St. James, known for its ‘gate of forgiveness.’ 500 years ago it was decided with compassion that anyone who made it only as far as the gate, whether they were sick or disabled, could proudly say they had successfully completed the trek.



Further along, O Cebreiro in Galicia is an unmissable spot for Camino hikers to spend the night. The small hamlet has a selection of characteristic ancient stone huts with thatched roofs for pilgrims to sleep in. The church in O Cebreiro is one of the oldest on the route, founded in the 9th century.


Galicia will challenge your preconceptions of Spain. Medieval villages, age-old castles and dense farming land make Galicia a fascinating stretch of the Camino.