The Camino: Where to Stay, What to Eat.

One helpful TripAdvisor user has written a lengthy and informative posts about exactly how to get the most out of a hike on the Camino de Santiago.


In a review that only someone who knows the Camino inside-out could have written, Anthony-Susan notes countless insider tips. ‘The private albergues were far, far better than we expected, and paying 9 euros a night or even less in some places was amazing when you consider what you would pay for a hotel elsewhere. The best stay on our trip was at the Albergue Santa Brigida in Hontanas.’



In summary of their Camino experience, Anthony-Susan goes on to give their honest advice: ‘The Camino should be an adventure. Take chances. Try new dishes, new wines, find new eateries that will be your discoveries. Vary your accommodations so you will savour those nights at the best places. But it is important to try the communal experiences. You will bond instantly will your fellow pilgrims, see them along the way from time to time, then hug and cry and laugh when you see them in Santiago.’


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