Saint Jacques la Mecque With Muriel Robin - A French Comedy about the Camino

This hilarious comedy is about three siblings, Pierre, Claude and Clara who all detest each other. When they learn that their mother has passed away, the multimillion-dollar question is posed - who will receive the inheritance?



Knowing that her children were likely to disagree over the inheritance of the estate, the hard-nosed CEO, the worn-out rural school teacher and the penniless alcoholic discover in the terms of the will that they all must hike the Camino de Santiago to be eligible to be included in the will and they must all hike together. If they don’t - the will specifies - all the money will go to charity and they'll never see a penny. 


The trio, who hate walking as much as they dislike each other, embark on the journey due to greed alone. From argument to mishap, this comedic drama will make you laugh and teach you about the transformative effect of the Camino de Santiago.