Food and Drink on the Camino de Santiago

Tapas, chorizo, cheese and ham. Spain is known for its rich, tasty cuisine.


This blog post is an interesting first hand account of the culinary experience along the Camino Frances. As thousands of pilgrims walk the Camino every year, the author, Geraldine, notes that it’s no mean feat trying to feed them all. But the Menu del Dia, available all along the route is a surefire winner when it comes to tired and hungry walkers.



Coeliacs may have to come extra prepared as the food along the route can contain a lot of carbs in the form of spaghetti and baguettes.


Vegetable lovers should keep their eyes peeled for the salads and stews on the menu - Geraldine laments at their lacking in some areas of the Camino.


When hikers get closer to Compostela, ‘donations’ of tea and fruit along the route become more commonplace, which is a nice treat for pilgrims.


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