A European travel expert shares his tips on hiking the Camino de Santiago

Rick Steves is an American Guidebook author and travel TV host who specializes in European travel.


Steves is a huge fan of the Camino de Santiago and has produced a wealth of resources available on his website for those who are interested in the trek.



‘A medieval pilgrimage in modern times’ is the way Steves describes his Camino experience. Whilst standing in the square of Santiago de Compostela, Steves describes the scene: ‘With sunburned faces and frayed walking sticks, they triumphantly end their long trek by stepping on a scallop shell carved into the pavement in front of the city's magnificent cathedral.’


One of Steves’ favourite areas of the Camino is Galicia, particularly O Cebreiro, which he describes as feeling somewhat like Ireland. A place of small stone huts, damp green rolling hills and wood fires. However, he notes, the locals live a very traditional way of life but he feels its worth 'playing pilgrim' and getting back to basics before continuing your hike to more cosmopolitan areas.


From start to finish, Rick Steves will have tips for the curious or for the seasoned Camino hikers. To read more, head to his website