What to pack for the Camino de Santiago: a guide by Eugenia González de Henn

In her everyday life, Eugenia González de Henn is a contributing editor and a fashion consultant splitting her time between New York and Berlin. Living this fast-paced and driven lifestyle has its charms most certainly but Eugenia’s thoughts kept drifting back to the determination of the Camino walkers who she saw on the trail when she visited northern Spain with her family in 1999.

After a difficult few years dealing with family issues, Eugenia decided to walk the Camino. To prepare she wrote this excellent article for Conde Nast Traveler.



The article details Eugenia’s preparation for the trip. She decided to walk a total of 30 days instead of 40 due to time constraints and her in depth packing list is a useful tool for first time pilgrims.


From which three pairs of shoes are essential to pack to which brand of fleece is most effective, Eugenia’s packing list is straightforward and comprehensive.

To read the article, go to Conde Nast Traveler: http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2016-05-08/what-to-pack-for-the-camino-de-santiago