Two pilgrims prepare to walk in the 'field of stars'

If you’re thinking about walking the Camino but would prefer to take on the challenge with a companion, ‘Our Camino’ is a warm-hearted blog from Jim and Jackie, a couple who decided that the Camino would be the best sort of date.The charismatic couple detail each leg of their romantic journey in amusing and thoughtful blog posts with cheerful pictures to accompany.


From Pamplona to Santiago, the Gascho’s detail a slightly more comfortable Camino than most people experience as they enjoy fine dining, Spanish wine and an array of hotels (which they have reviewed) as opposed to the pilgrim hostels and communal meals.



Staying humble, the couple write that walking the Camino their way is not the only way, and there were some elements of staying in hostels that they felt they missed out on.


However it seems as though  for Jim and Jackie, their way was the right way for them as they pen their gratitude for life, love, each other and the Camino along the way.


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