The Camino de Santiago in 20 days - a personal journey on the Way of St James

Randall St Germain’s book Camino de Santiago in 20 days tells of the author’s 500 mile epic journey on foot from St Jean Pied de Port in France to the holy church at Santiago de Compostela in Spain.


Everyone has a unique reason for walking the Camino and for Canadian St. Germain, the journey was a personal challenge for cultural and historical enlightenment in honour of his mother.



The book describes the many challenges the author encountered along the way such as vicious dogs, huge blisters, exhaustion and a case of bed bugs but the author’s keen sense of humour permeates through the pages, reminding the reader why anyone would go through all that.


Camino de Santiago in 20 days is a book which is just as much about the personal journey a Camino pilgrim takes as the physical challenge. Through torrential downpours, flatulent pilgrims and beautiful stretches of countryside, Randall St Germain teachers readers how a sense of humour can carry you 500 miles.

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