Sometimes she travels

For many, the idea of taking on such a huge challenge as the Camino de Santiago can be stopped in its tracks through fear or self doubt.‘Sometimes She Travels’ is a personal travel blog by Elissa, a woman in her 40s from San Francisco, which aims to inspire people, particularly women, to take a risk and put aside their fear of the unknown to follow their dreams.



The blog is a detailed and thoughtful account, which someone wanting the hike the Camino for the first time would no doubt find invaluable. Posts on gear, training, personal fear and motivation fill the site with in depth information. The section dedicated to training hikes is an honest look at what it means physically and emotionally to prepare for the challenge of a lifetime.


Elissa’s posts go above and beyond the physical challenge of the Camino and look at what it really means to make the journey, however scared you may be to start with.

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