Camino packing list: a video guide

What on earth do you pack to walk one of the world’s most famous pilgrimages?


Lindsey Cowie, a third time Camino walker has made a straightforward video blog on exactly what one needs - and doesn’t need - to pack to make the journey to Compostela.


From the shoes to the backpack, Lindsey shares every last detail of her equipment list and shows the best way to pack the lot.


Lindsey’s pack includes the most convenient clothing and shoes for women hiking the camino and she gives viewers hints about how to get top notch practical gear on a budget.


The vlogger's bag also includes non essential items advice such as scarves, electronics, comfortable clothes to relax in and a journal.


Lindsey has also created a whole series of video blogs with invaluable tips on walking the Camino with posts such as ‘The Camino de Santiago for Dummies’, ‘A Warning to Pilgrims’ and ‘My 2nd Camino: What I’m Doing Differently.’ All videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel.