Camino de Santiago: Trail to Peak

Want some expert advice on what to do (and what not to do) when preparing to hike the Camino de Santiago?


Trail to Peak is the blog of intrepid hiker Drew Robinson who has visited 19 countries and staunchly feels that the Camino de Santiago was his most transformative chapter in his travel adventures so far.



Drew gives detailed tips on how to get by on the Camino and says that since he has left Spain it has been impossible for him to stop thinking about the Camino and what it means to him. Wanting to give something back, Drew has prepared a day-by-day guide from Barcelona to Finisterre for fast walkers who are capable of doing between 12 and 29 miles per day.


The blogger has also put together a documentary of his experience, which can be viewed on the website, and a detailed packing list.

To get Drew's top Camino tips, head to: