Camino de Santiago Full Documentary (The Way of St. James) by Planet Doc

Are you curious about the Camino de Santiago hike but would like to know more about what makes the cathedral such a popular pilgrimage destination?


This Camino de Santiago full length documentary is a fascinating insight into the history behind one of the world’s most famous walks.


The informative film goes back to the first part of the third century where religious figures made the discovery of the sepulcher of the Apostle Santiago who was depicted in the bible as one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. Following this huge Christian event, many followers were compelled to travel to the Compostela, or ‘field of stars’, to worship the ancient burial site.


The church which stands at the end of the pilgrimage today was constructed following the discovery of the sepulchre. The documentary goes on to tell the story of the following eras including the dangerous journeys made through France along the Camino during the middle ages.