"Just One Last Match" According to everyone it was a great day, blessed with the best weather we could have wished for at the end of the summer. The players managed to escape without serious injuries and the cheerleaders were called back for an encore.

The children went up and down the giant slide and some parents were also spotted in the laser tent. We managed to serve 800 people with South African sausages without too many problems.

The raffle prizes made 7 couples very happy with the excitement of wonderful weekends away and the children left with teddies, scooters and some of the cheerleader's beloved pom poms. Annie Martin had expressed her sincere gratitude to the enthusiastic cheerleaders for their fantastic show and the Acorns rugby team from Sevenoaks.

Monies raised from this event were donated to The Ear Foundation, Nottingham going towards cochlear implanted children attending their nursery. Also to C.I.C.S. for organising a seminar helping parents to cope before and after the operation.