This project gave participants three options:

  • An ascent of Kilimanjaro to the summit at 5,896 meters/19,340 feet with an experienced expedition leader, Hoopoe Safaris of Tanzania; or
  • An ascent to 3,840 meters/12,595 feet and work in a local school for Aids orphans; or
  • Charity work with two local schools for Aids orphans in the Kilimanjaro region.
On behalf of Destiny of a Child and the Climbing for Children Organisation Committee, I would like to invite you to join us for a personal challenge of a lifetime, climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We hope this will be an unforgettable experience for all, especially for the children we will be helping. Thank you for helping the children.
— Annie Martin, Found - Destiny of a Child


The organisations which BENEFITTED from Climbing for Children

The organisations which will primarily benefit from the funds raised will be the UK’s Ear Foundation [] from this fundraising. The Ear Foundation introduced the technology of cochlear implantation to the UK, which has proven to be the biggest medical innovation for profoundly deaf children. Since its formation in 1989, the Ear Foundation has achivied a great deal in the establishment of a clinical programme, the education and training of professionals, post-operational care and research into the effect of implantation.

Generation Cochlee [] will also benefit from this fundraising. This charity was founded in 1996 and is a charity assisting parents of implanted children. Their main aim is to provide family support to the parents, inform them about how to make the most of an implant and also organise meetings where parents can discuss relevant issues or problems experienced. They support parents and children throughout the different stages of life at home and at school. One of their main voluntary board members is a Trustee of Destiny of a Child.

Both organisations provide a bridge between the clinics where this great technology is fitted and home and at school where it is used everyday. They do this by providing family support and information, educational programmes for schools and research.

As so many charities take climbers up Kilimanjaro and concentrate purely on raising funds for western charities, not leaving anything behind, we have decided to allocate 10% of funds raised to two local Tanzanian organisations which we visited in October 2009 and satisfied ourselves that they are well run, accountable and make a huge impact on the local communities

Ace Africa - Action in the Community Environment []

Ace Africa – Action in the Community Environment was established as a non-profit making organisation in Tanzania in 2007. They are dedicated to reducing the impact of HIV-AIDS on the lives of millions of orphans and vulnerable children living in rural communities of East Africa. They work to empower communities across three key areas: building sustainable nutritional capacity and livelihoods, building the community's ability to protect the health and rights of children affected/infected by HIV-AIDS and providing psychological support and direct aid. Destiny of a Child visited their Arusha organisation in October 2009 and was impressed by their involvement in the community and their accountability.

Catholic Sisters of St Joseph Children Aids victim centre.

The Catholic Sisters of St Joseph Children Aids victim centre is established in Arusha, near Kilimanjaro. It is a very small but effective and affectionate feeding centre for 40 orphans who are still cared for by relatives. They cannot be fed at home as there are no resources. Sister Marieta and Sister Rosalia with the help of one cook and one gardener look after 40 children who come after school for a meal and to do their homework under their supervision before going back to their relatives. Destiny of a Child visited the centre in October 2009 and was impressed by the happiness of the children and the quality of the care.