Beth and autism assistance dog Quartz

“I’d become virtually house-bound with Beth, leaving my husband Steve and son Jack to go out without us.” says Mum Teresa, “Taking Beth into town, to the supermarket or out to a restaurant had become a family nightmare.”

Like many children with autism, Beth struggled with crowds, noise and unfamiliar environments, resulting in what appeared to outsiders like bad behaviour.
— Teresa, Beth's Mum

Autism assistance dog Quartz’s arrival has transformed life for the whole family.

“The transformation has been staggering. Just Quartz’s presence in his assistance dog jacket has made a huge difference,” says Teresa, “people immediately understand that Beth needs extra help and support so they become less critical.”

“People also ask Beth about Quartz and she wants to talk about him. “He’s my assistance dog,” says Beth proudly, “he helps me”. Brother Jack is delighted the whole family now goes out together.”

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