Climbing for Children 2013

27th January - 6th February 2013

Building on the foundations of our successful 2011 Kilimanjaro climb, where £227,000 was raised, Destiny of a Child is pleased to organise a new project for January 2013.

The challenge

This project gives participants two options:
  • An ascent of Kilimanjaro to the summit at 5,896 meters/19,340 feet with an experienced expedition leader, Hoopoe Safaris of Tanzania
  • Participating in the building of a children’s educational centre in Arusha, Tanzania. Local builders will support the volunteers with this project. No special skills required.

The project is limited to three groups of 20 climbers and 36 school builders and is open to men, women and couples. Each participant will be required to raise a minimum of £1,500 for Destiny of a Child in addition to covering the cost of participating.

Each group will have a leader, a doctor and the appropriate number of guides and porters.

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Climbing for children information booklet

Destiny of a Child took sixty climbers for an ascent of Kilimanjaro to the summit at 5,896 metres /19,340 feet with an experienced expedition leader.

This project gives participants two options:Click the video below to see the film of Climbing for Children 2011

To watch the full 40 minute video of the climb, Click here

New photos of the 2011 Kilimanjaro climb are available in the gallery pod on the right hand side.

The testimonials of climbers speak for themselves:

"Dear Ake, I am writing to say a huge thank you for everything that you did for us on the mountain. Your calm leadership and communication skills were central to the success of the project. It was a rare privilege to see how you handled such a large group of people in difficult circumstances and also how you calmly and carefully resolved the several medical and other challenges.

It is no exaggeration to say that you are held in high regard by all of the climbers without exception. There is also high regard for many members of your hand picked team from the most junior of the porters up to your excellent guides."

John Davies, Climber 2011

"Dear Annie, Carolyn, Belinda, Gwen Julie, Maria, Fran, and Diane

I know I said this a few times to you all over the course of week, but fro the bottom of my heart thank you for giving me a once in a lifetime opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the reason so many people signed up from the start was because we could see how professionally the trip was going to be run. We can only guess at the hours you spent behind the scenes to make the climb go so smoothly and to leave no stone unturned. Everything was thought through so thoroughly even down to the name tags for our luggage, the size of our hand luggage ( I needed to know that), the t shirts, drinks party, walks and gala dinner. I know many things were going on in the background which we hardly know about.

Personally I have been left with many wonderful memories of the great care and camaraderie of the other climbers and the achievement of reaching the summit.

I thought the talks from Jo Waddington were inspirational. You chose a very worthwhile charity there as well as ‘Destiny of a Child’.

I hope you have spent the weekend relaxing and recovering"

Jo McCarthy, Climber 2011

"Dear Annie,

I just wanted to thank you and everyone involved in The organisation of ‘climbing for children’ for giving me the opportunity of being part of such an amazing challenge. Also hard at times I enjoyed the climb, the friendship and the team spirit of the group. I also appreciated feeling safe, in a well organised trip which had been so well planned and researched. So a ‘grand Mercie’ and congratulations for a successful trip and for raising such a wonderful amount of money for Destiny of a Child"

Patricia Taylor, Climber 2011

"Dear Annie and committee, I would like to thank you and the entire team for a truly amazing trip of a lifetime! It was a once in a life time event for me [personally and one I did not undertake likely. However the organisation, execution and pure attention to detail was impressive to say the least! It was this that led me to sign up to this crazy expedition in the first place and I am very grateful that I was not disappointed please express my thanks to all the team for the hard work which has gone into bringing this project to such a successful confusion"

Melanie Weller, Climber 2011

"Annie, well done on a tremendous organisational feat. And having the drive and vision to make it happen it was all very impressive."

John Soden, Climber 2011

"Actually it was a lot of fun and a trip to remember forever thank you for including me."

Richard Camping, Climber 2011

Annie Martin

"Annie Martin, on behalf of Destiny of a Child and the Climbing for Children – Building for Change Organising Committee, would like to invite you to join them for a personal challenge of a lifetime, either by climbing Kilimanjaro or by participating in the building of a children’s educational centre in Tanzania. We hope this will be an unforgettable experience for all, especially for the children we will be helping. We are aiming at giving everyone an opportunity of personal fulfilment and great camaraderie.
Thank you for helping the children"

Annie Martin, Founder and Fundraiser, Destiny of a Child

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