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Our site has been designed with one objective in mind: being clear, simple and informative. In addition to providing background information on cochlear implants, the site introduces other charities which we support and gives another view of our fundraising activities.
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Children's stories

Adrien Raymond

Adrien Raymond

"I know that in my Mummy’s tummy I could hear well because during her pregnancy she used to listen to “The Magic Flute” all day long and now it is my favourite piece of music."

Letters from the Ear Foundation

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Message from Brian Archbold, former chief executive.

"Following the last successful fundraising event by Destiny of a Child, a significant donation was made... "

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Message from Sue Archbold, chief executive.

"Since our first links with Destiny of a Child in 2003 we have been amazed by the enthusiam and commitment of Annie and her team in all they do... "

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Show your support: Destiny of a Child relies on the generosity of people like you to fund its work amongst profoundly deaf children, physically disabled children and Aids orphans.


  • "I have been involved with many charity climbs over the years and have to say that Destiny of a Child’s was one of the most efficient, organised and dedicated charities that I have came across. Furthermore, I would add that Destiny of a Child was one of the most caring charities that I have encountered. I put this down to the fact that all committee members are devoted to the cause of disabled children and put their hearts into the project without compromise. It will be a pleasure to lead another climb for Destiny of a Child in January 2013." - Ake Lindstrom, Expedition Leader
  • "We have been very grateful for the support of Destiny of a Child in the past. Many thanks to Annie Martin and her team for their hard work and for their generosity in helping us to develop our facilities for deaf children and young people with cochlear implants since 2003. The Ear Foundation receives no government funding and thanks to the support from Destiny of a Child over the years we have been able to grow into the organisation we are today." - Sue Archbold, Chief Executive of the Ear Foundation
  • "We are immensely grateful for the support that Destiny of a Child has given us in the past and especially this year. Profoundly deaf children, their parents and professionals could not carry on their work without your help. With your support, progress is being made for the integration of profoundly deaf children in the daily world of communication." - Martial Franzoni, Director Generation Cochlee - Ceop
  • "The fantastic work that Destiny of a Child does is evident to all who are touched by the efforts of Annie Martin and her team. We here at Valence School are proud to have become associated with this wonderful charity. Our children and young people here at Valence give life and learning everything they’ve got and they deserve every opportunity we can give them. The support of Destiny of a Child will truly make a positive difference to their lives." - Roland Gooding, Headteacher Valence School
  • "We are truly grateful for the wonderful support from Destiny of a Child. Your money is directly benefiting some of the most vulnerable children in Tanzania, enabling them to access essential health education and empowering them to become agents of change within their community. Destiny of a Child support helps ACE Africa make tangible, sustainable differences to the lives of children through helping people to help themselves and giving communities back their pride, hope and self-reliance. Thank you Annie and your wonderful team from us all at ACE Africa. We feel blessed to have found such a dynamic partner to work with, now and in the future." - Joanna Waddington, ACE Africa Founder and CEO
  • "Many many congratulations on your fantastic Kilimanjaro climb! I am sending you my heartfelt thanks and admiration for your amazing achievement, incredible fundraising efforts and support of ACE Africa." - Samantha Kite, ACE Africa UK Director

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Destiny of a Child established in 2002 is a non-profit making charity which supports cochlear implantation for profoundly deaf children in the UK and France, children with physical disabilities and complex medical needs in Kent, UK and Aids orphans in Tanzania.

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